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deviation in storage by wynnesome


Do you know what you've lost
When you left me behind
Mountain streams
And steep cliffs
Trails between evergreens
Winding paths
I hope you never spot
Another fox in the woods
For as long as you live
I hope you never see me again
Little bear
Will you ever find it through
Your endless wandering?
Little boy
Will you ever come home to me?
See that all your doubts
Were fears I would have laid to rest
With my head softly on your chest
Smoothing back your hair
As I drift off to sleep
You've stolen that peace from yourself
And from me
I pray I'll come home someday to another
And you would become a fleeting memory
Carried away by the thawing snow
The sound of your voice no longer haunting me
It is lost amid the wind rustling fallen leaves
Keeping no trace of you
Or I will run this entire planet
Just trying to escape you
Just hoping if I climb high enough
I'll lose you
If I'm no longer present in your life
In any way
In any form
Will I forget you as easily as you forgot me?
Oh, little bear
With my feet against the dirt and rock
I will outrun this pull to you
I will outrun this tie to you
I will outrun you
Oh, little bear
Maybe someday we will both
Cease this endless wandering
Or we will die lost and alone
Failing to find each other
In a universe of 100 trillion stars
Can you believe it?
Can you believe it?
It's over
Ursa Minor
I saw you
you were a star bursting
into a million colors and heat

But people went on with
their normal lives amidst concrete

I knew better
you were an oblivious example of
the perfection of Gods creation

Yet no one knew to look at you
They would never see past their own reflections


I saw you
and marveled at your beauty
I appreciated what no one else could see
I would have loved you in ways you'd never known
Do you remember
skipping rocks across streams
Far and wide
Sunburnt, summer sights
You ran, I chased you
I wanted a taste of your life
We played tag amidst the trees
If I spotted you, you took flight
Faster than I thought I could run
At night you would disappear
And I would wander home alone
Solemn that I hadn't caught my game
In the morning you would appear again
And we would play till the sun set
I could never touch you
But at times we were close
Side by side
And wandering aimlessly on worn trails
Laughing till the woods were filled with it

But then something happened
The leaves began to change
And when I went to the glade to wait for you
You never came
I waited countless days as the world grew cold
You never came
I laid, love struck and sick
You never came
I called to you, howling painfully
You never came
When I went home I saw you finally one day
You were with another
You didn't notice me
You went home with her
You had forgotten me
I wish I could run further
than across the universe from you
Never fleeting glances behind me
You would be the headlights following close
And I would be the scared girl walking home late
Too afraid to look or I might meet my end
But forever I will remain curious of you
Are you my light to guide me home?
Do you watch carefully from afar
knowing you can never be near to me?
Or are you my last moment
An unaware equivalent of a drunk driver?
The sleepy trucker behind the wheel?
I would follow this dark road
Watching only the yellow stripes for reassurance
But no matter where you go
How far you move away from me
I will always carry you in the back of my mind
As my greatest fear and my one regret
You remain the distant headlights
I'm too scared to look
But, oh, what if I have lost you?
'Dear, I was never yours to have.
You and I were never anything.'
I know that...
But what if you don't know
That you took something from me when you disappeared?
I can't get it back even if I asked
It's yours to keep now
And I must relinquish my fantasies about you
to the empty spaces in times
In another place, another dimension,
there's a place for us
There's a world where I was everything
And it was enough
I live now only to know that infinite possibilities exist
When I have a God like mine on my side
He is the constant unchanging wave
that beats against the rocks,
you're the ever unpredictable shore line
Fading quickly away as I try to walk across
But then you are gone to my touch
And I must be content to walk alone
Oh you, the steady headlight behind me
My one fear, my only regret
Forever just a memory I carry in the back of my mind
A plan I never saw through
Was it worth it?
'Was what worth it?' I hear you say
'Hurting me of course.'
But you don't respond
Because you left a long time ago
And I am stuck in a constant cycle of
Fearing to glance behind me
Knowing that you are nothing more
Than a figment of my dreams at this point
When the night had peaked
Racing to a plane far
Removed from you or me

That's where we used to live
Out witting the sun gods
that say we cannot be

And when that moment would come
That the heavenly fire would begin
To stir his head on the horizon

One flicker of light dropping
Like the funeral bell
You would grab my hand and we would run west

Till our breath would cease
And you would vanish before my eyes
With a look of devastation and longing

One last kiss as you held my
Face in your hands
Until I see you again

Now I search the night sky
Desperately for you
But we are lost
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